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The new headset uses the same “Pro-G” drivers and wireless tech as Logitech’s more expensive G headset , but that one has something of a reputation for pinching large heads. If there’s anything to complain about, it’s that the G’s microphone isn’t quite top-notch — I needed to speak up for friends to hear me in games, and a quick Audacity recording was both quieter and noisier with the G than my G In order to get the most out of the headset, including the 7. G Wireless DTS 7. For fine tuned settings, Logitech Gaming Software lets you set equalizer, surround sound, sidetone, and microphone levels on a per-game basis. By default, each channel is set to eleven Nigel Tufnel would be proud , but you can adjust them all down to as low as zero.

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Plus, where my old Logitech G typically needed charging after a full work day, the new G gave me two work days worth wirrless audio. For added convenience, the microphone mutes automatically when you flip it into the up position. Logitech says the wireless connection is guaranteed up to 15 meters, and I certainly had no issues walking around my apartment while using them. The only way I could make the audio cut wirelrss was I had to walk outside of my house, across the parking lot to my car and get inside.

G533 Wireless DTS 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset

It ranges from one to 30 minutes; there’s also a “never” option, in case you like to live dangerously. Built For Gaming Performance. Regardless, it is a unique feature in g55 world of wireless headsets.


Jabra’s new truly wireless earphones are superior to the AirPods in some ways and only Adding to the comfort are the soft square over-ear mesh pads. Pro-G drivers produce booming bass and clear highs thanks to the patent-pending hybrid-mesh construction that drastically reduces distortion.

The sporty version of Jabra’s already wireless earphones have a few extras that put it They felt light on my head, and even after several hours of wearing them they still felt comfortable.

Logitech G DTS Surround Sound Wireless Gaming Headset – en-us

It’s easy to toggle between the profiles to choose the best option for the game g535 playing or the audio you’re listening to. Logitech’s G is the wireless PC gaming headset Wureless deserve hands-on Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. I just wish I didn’t look quite so ridiculous wearing it:.

I expected that my voice might sound tinny or compressed, but everyone reported that I sounded as natural as if I were on a cell phone or landline.

G is thoroughly tested and designed iwreless maintain a strong connection even in noisy EMI environments where there are dozens of wireless signals in proximity. I just wish I could use them with my phone and my console like the Arctis 7 or Revolver S, then they’d be perfect.

Overall, I doubt you’ll find a better wireless gaming headset for the price. The mesh ear pads are removable and hand-washable, and they slip off pretty effortlessly; I just grabbed a corner and it popped right off.

G features a noise-cancelling microphone on a folding, extending wirepess for crystal-clear voice chat and communications. G Wireless DTS 7.

Hear your games loud and clear with the realism and precision that the sound designers intended.


Logitech’s G533 is the wireless PC gaming headset I deserve (hands-on)

It’s easy to do, and any changes I made were activated within a few seconds. We’ve changed, we promise. The G offers a very similar overall design to the G, though it looks like someone at Logitech told the design department to redo it with “less gaming.

They are comfy, offer superb audio for games and music, and the retractable microphone is simply brilliant.

Logitech G Wireless Gaming Headset Review – IGN

Battery life is claimed at 15 hours, which is about average for wireless headsets, and three hours longer than the previous model, or seven hours longer if you’re comparing the time it could run with its RGB lighting in effect. More Expert Tech Roundups.

When it dies, you can plug in with a Micro-USB power cable and start using it right away, too. While the ear wureless use a hybrid mesh that’s meant to be breathable and moisture wicking, they did feel a bit warm after wearing them for a while, since they covered my ears completely.

Best Headphones for T553 big change in the audio department is whereas the previous model offered both Dolby or DTS 7.

When surround sound is enabled, the software displays each of the seven channels, which can be tuned individually volume-wise in order to amplify or dampen sound from different directions. G features lossless digital audio transmission over 2.